LAUNCH is a coaching service designed to assist individuals in creating a roadmap to help them launch their purpose defined career or entrepreneurial journey.  There are three program services we offer: Full Course, Short Course and Accountability Course.

The LAUNCH Full Course is a three month program which begins with an intense self assessment strategy session designed to help individuals identify and connect with their purpose.  This session will give individuals opportunity to correctly connect their purpose and passion that will lead to a profitable entrepreneurial enterprise or successful career.  A road map is created with an in depth implementation plan and plan execution assistance through accountability coaching.

The LAUNCH Short Course is a six weeks program and just like the Full Course begins with an intense strategy session.  TEG will create a roadmap and lay out an implementation plan.  However, the individual that chooses this option will execute the plan with little assistance from TEG.

The LAUNCH Accountability Course is TEG’s group coaching session.  In this group coaching session, five individuals will work with a TEG coach and as a team, create individual road maps and implementation plan.  Biweekly accountability calls will help individuals execute their plans and gain assistance from each other.

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